Prototype app for caregivers

By @rtaylormcknight | Posted: July 03, 2018

Role: UI/UX design consultant

During 2016 and 2017, I helped design and build a prototype app for LyfLynks, a startup focused on improving the coordination of care for seniors.

In 2018, LyfLynks was accepted into Johns Hopkins’ Trajectory Next accelerator program.

I cannot post images or details of the prototype app due to an NDA, but below is an overview of my design process.

Find a user story to highlight

To attract additional investment, the team decided to create a prototype app.

We knew this demo version would not be comprehensive, so we whiteboarded specific use cases and discussed user stories we wanted the app to highlight.

After we landed on what we believed was a compelling narrative, we started the design process.

Design the UX

Following a design sprint model used by Google Ventures, I led members of the team in a rapid prototyping session and explored user flows with 3x5 yellow sticky notes.

This highly disposable medium and low-fidelity approach ensured the team experimented with a range of ideas and quickly iterated away from suboptimal ones.

Design the UI

When the team was satisfied with the user flow on sticky notes, I created wireframes of the UI and printed them out for the team to write comments on during an in-person meeting.

Next, I used Keynote and Adobe Premiere to build a series of user flow videos in high-fidelity in an iPhone mockup. These videos were used by the team to help guide conversations with investors.

Code the prototype app

Leveraging the wireframes and Keynote mockups, I worked with two other members of the team to code a working prototype of the app with the Ionic framework.